Friday, December 08, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...A Throw For A House!

I have been using this finish for a few weeks now.
When I purchased my house last year I also purchased this quilt kit from Connecting Threads thinking it would fit right in as a throw quilt.
I finished the top several months back, may be even last year.
It is indeed fun to make projects for yourself:)  I did free motion quilting in each of the stripe/chevrons.  I did back and forth loopy things but tried to NOT make them symmetrical and even.
After I did the prints I only did an echo line along the seams in the gray.  As you can see it did a bit of shifting and just looked weird!
And so I picked it up again and did the same loopy free motion design in the gray "rows" as well.  Much better!
There was a sale I think or I just splurged, can't remember, but I picked out one of the fabric line prints to use for a backing.  So pretty!
And now it is used daily on my fabulous couch!  Hurray for a finish!
I snuggle down in it as I sit and watch the fire!

Friday, November 03, 2017

Finished it up Friday...Hurray for Rainbows, Baby!

I made this quilt top back in 2014. My post about it here.
 It has been sitting in a cute little basket waiting with its backing fabric since then, through my move and all.
I decided it was time! Do I picked out these fun threads and went to town!

 I have only tried the all over squiggly lines on a small table runner and decided to try it again. It wasn't too daunting since I only did a section of color at a time.
 How fun is this little guy!?
The back is a flannel fabric leftover from some t-shirt quilts I made several years ago.
 I had a bit of trouble with the quilting. When I went a certain direction too quickly it would break my thread. I am not picky about threads and I am using a free motion foot on my treadle...not too surprised that I had some kind of problem.

 I chose a black and white fabric to frame it out as a binding. Not sure where this one will end up yet!
Final measurements are 32 x 42in.
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Friday, October 13, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Barn Raising For The Rents!

My parent's have a quilt on their bed that has definitely begun to show its wear.  It isn't anything special, just one mom liked and bought.
We decided they needed a new one!  So mom picked out the fabric and away I went!
Can you guess what kind of pattern it is?  It required lots of chain piecing, which is very soothing and therapeutic!
Since she likes the quilt they do have, I stuck with the same pattern.  It is a barn raising setting of the log cabin blocks.
She chose the Belle Reverie line from Connecting Threads for the fabric and we were able to even keep it in a similar color scheme as the old quilt.
The main body of the quilt came together surprisingly quick.
Piecing the flying geese border took the longest.  My dining room/entry area is just not quite big enough for a full picture :)
If I had to do it differently I would pick different creams so there is more contrast between them.  You can hardly tell two of the three apart in person and in the pictures you can't even see that it is more than one color of cream!
Mom isn't big on pink so I was a little worried that the one red/cranberry is pretty pink.  She is quite happy with the way it came out altogether though!
It is a king size quilt top on my queen size bed here.
The colors aren't completely true either...took these with my cellphone again!
I chose the middle "blue" fabric for the backing and it arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.  Now to get this big boy quilted!!!

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Friday, October 06, 2017

Finish it up Friday...Fall Pillows.

Just like that summer is finished and fall is here! All summer a lovely couple brought us fresh cut flowers from their garden to brighten the tables at the assisted living apartments I work at. I miss them already!
I do love fall though! Snuggling down in a comfy quilt next to my woodstove is a perk of the cooler weather.
I am officially finished as the local quilt guild project leader also. It was a good opportunity for me but it will be nice to not feel the pressure to get those projects cranked out.
I turned the last project block into a fall pillow. While I was at it I finished up the block from my first project and made it a pillow as well. Only took a year to finish that poor turkey! 

Happy Fall Ya'll!!
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Friday, September 22, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...USA Map!

I remember saving the link to this pattern several years ago.  I don't do much applique but it just looks so fun!
 Well, a friend messaged me several weeks ago asking if I could make her little boy another quilt.  The map was her idea and sounded great!
 I first found a cool world map tutorial but thought that for a one year old...maybe the country they are from might be a better option.
Choosing each of the 50 fabrics from my scraps was harder than I thought it would be.  Once I had them all found and the states cut out I still had to do some rearranging for states that just seemed to disappear.  Texas is actually brown minkie!  Washington is corduroy and Oregon is satin!
I only accidentally left off California once...oh and Louisiana too!  Oops! 
I embroidered a little heart in the part of our lovely state that he is from.  Then I just did some starburst lines out from the heart for the quilting!
The back was too boring with just one fabric so I made a 3rd patchwork strip to go down the back.  It came out at about 42 x 48 ish ;)  Hurray for another fun finish!!
I also finished up my 3rd card table play house for a lady at work!
I picked up a set of heavy canvas like curtains at Goodwill last time I went.  There was just the right amount of fabric to make this little house.
Embellishments like applique are not my strongest ability.  I have tried hard to make all 3 of her houses cute with some adornments!  Rick Rack doesn't get used much by me either so I pulled all that I had out and used it!
Hmm, well yesterday was a finish for the season of summer.
I picked these today...hehe, hello fall!
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