Friday, November 30, 2018

Finish it up Friday... Something to wear to a courthouse!

Favorite finish EVER!
A little over two weeks ago I married my best friend! I finished a huge chapter of my life and started another one.
It was simple, short and sweet.
However, a courthouse wedding doesn't mean I couldn't have a beautiful dress.
I was planning to just wear a nice dress I could use again but I had a moment of inspiration and I I gave it a whirl!
First I knew I wanted to accordion pleated the skirt. I have a couple vintage finds that have those and I love the look.
Second I have a dress made from a burdastyle pattern with a lovely, modest neckline. So I decided to pair the two together.
I am glad it was a pattern I had made before. I am terrible at making a practice, but cutting into special fabric makes it more necessary. 
I  found the fabric at Joanns. A simple off white with lovely drape. Making a lace overlay for the bodice was part of my vision. I looked through all the florally laces and didn't like a one...then I found this one with circles, almost looks like doilies.

I watched several videos and tutorials on how to make fabric pleated like I wanted. They all looked pretty simple, so I bought some poster board accordion folded it and started to try! It didn't work. Too slippery!
For the bodice I simply made a layer of the cream Fabric and then also a layer of the lace. I wanted the lace to be sheer on my sleeves.  I didn't do a very good job finishing the inside seam of that but hey no one needs to see it right!?

I finally just used the good old fold and iron method for the skirt fabric. My pleats aren't perfect and they don't match up exactly on the side seams but I like the way it turned out! They start small and get wider at the bottom of the skirt.
To finish the sleeve Edge I simply cut around the scalloped edge of the circles in the fabric.
Yay for finish! When I attached the skirt to the bodice I did have to do some tucked pleats to make it fit a little better. I put in a zipper in the back seam which went fairly smooth! I could have taken in a little bit on the shoulder seam to make it fit better under the arms but I didn't do a whole lot in this dress not making it necessary.
I'm so glad my vision worked out, I love my dress! Hooray for being married! I pretty much love that too!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Denim And Plaid, The Rest Of the Story!

Finding patterns for quilts that are fitting for men is sometimes a little trickier. When I saw this all denim Giant star quilt online I thought that would be a great man quilt!
I do have quite a stash of denim, however I didn't have quite enough contrasting Shades to pull the quilt off the way I wanted it. So I pulled out some corduroy and plaids to actually make the inner star from.
It is actually one I started last year before Christmas to be a gift. I was unable to get it finished in time and so it sat and waited I guess for this year haha!
I chose a woodland animal flannel for the back. I had to supplement with a few other neutral flannels.
Even though the denim makes for heaviness and the flannel makes for fuzziness I still did do a layer of batting.
 I wasn't sure that I liked it until I got all the quilting done and now I do! I'm excited to give it to someone special!
Can't remember the measurements but it fits just fine on a queen size bed.
For the actual Star quilting on the plaids and corduroys I did a mock plaid quilting pattern. It worked really well except for on that one corduroy that insisted on stretching. But my treadle and I made it through without too many hiccups!
I went pretty simple on the denim part of the quilt. There were a few of the denims that had some spandex in them as well. Made it out with too much overstretching.
Hooray for finished projects a year later that have been sitting on your shelf and hooray for special gifts to give to those you love!
 Linking up with crazy mom quilts!
 Happy Friday!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...On Point Batik Baby

How fun it is to actually pick your project and do something simply because you want to and just for fun! I made this batik quilt for a good friend a few years back. I cut up some of the scraps into 2-inch squares...there I go again! Still had some 16 patch blocks I made out of those squares just sitting around in my sewing room.
I decided to square them up and make something out of them! Such pretty fun scraps that came off of them!
I found a fun green linen fabric in my stash and decided to set them all on point and make a baby blanket! No one in mind just a fun baby blanket.

The hard part was done and it came together really quickly! As you can see in the bottom of that last picture I enjoyed some chips and salsa and watched Rawhide while I made this one!
It was still on the small side and just needed a little something! So I went ahead and added a thin white border.
And then I added another green border!
I still haven't mastered the all over quilting patterns! I'm a little chicken... I just went ahead and did a straight crosshatch on the diagonal of the blocks. It turned out really nice. I call it organic because I didn't measure and so my inches are probably off in lots of places! I like to eyeball though.
So hard to get a picture of that color of green with the lighting in my house! Most of these pictures were taken in the evening it's just hard to get it right. I used a leftover pink batik for The Binding.
The backing is a fun flannel I had in my stash, little bugs with a mint green running through it that coordinated pretty well. Nice and fuzzy!
Found a sunny day to take it outside and get a better picture of the color and the quilting really shows up in this one!
 This little baby comes in at almost 40 in square exactly! Not sure if I'll try to sell it or find someone to gift it to! Time will tell!
Happy Friday!


Friday, October 19, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Brenna pack, Wallet and Fall!

I finished my second backpack a few weeks ago! My little sister wanted one for her art supplies that she takes everywhere with her!
On a side can my baby sister be turning 19 next week?!?!

I didn't have any bias tape that went well with the fabric she chose so I did a more traditional flip inside out method for putting it together.
I love these little buckles! So easy to put in!
I added some extra inside pockets to her bag. Planned on doing the same to mine but haven't got around to it!
While working on bags and switching I once again realized how dingy my wallet was getting to be. So I searched through my old blog posts and found once again the tutorial I used to make it and made another one!
 I once again added a zipper pouch on the back for coinage. I did however accidentally put it on kind of upside down but it will still work!

 Hooray for a new wallet and one that won't show the dirt quite as bad!
 This year has flown by! We've been having lovely fall weather but last Sunday we had a spurt of winter! Woke up to about 2 in of snow and it was cold! I was surprised the snow stuck around as long as it did.

 I may have to take down my rain gutter decoration for the winter as you can see it kind of ends up being an icicle trap! Made me giggle!
The sun is back and I think we'll enjoy a few weeks of more fall weather before more snow!

I absolutely love walking through the leaves on the sidewalk as I go to work! I kick them up and giggle every time! Makes me want to take them up and jump right in! Happy fall and happy Friday!