Friday, February 10, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Seasonal Projects Will Do

I have several finishes to share!  I couldn't share any of these until they had been shared else where :)
First, is one of my quilt guild project leader projects.  This is my seasonal project to be used in February!
Hearts really aren't my thing in quilting, but I kind of like how it turned out.  It is a really cute free pattern from Cluck, Cluck, Sew!
  For my March project I wanted something Celtic.  I found a free McCall's Quilting Celtic twist block.  I decided four of those blocks would make a nice wall hanging!
 The piecing went really quickly.  Putting the four blocks together really changed the focal point that I thought I would have seen.
 I wasn't in love with the fabrics and so I tried adding some "love" to this project through the quilting.  I added some Celtic knot type things in the center of each ring.
 I did all of those in a green thread and it just felt flat.  So I found a gold thread and did some more quilting in the centers of the knots and around each ring.  I think the color it added started to make it grow on me.

 The thing that made it pop at the end was the gold flange I added around the edge with the binding.  It just added enough contrast to make me like it!  Yay!
 I did make two other things last year that I never shared.  Pillows!  These were Christmas gifts for my aunt and cousin. 
 I asked them both about the other's color preferences in certain rooms and then got crackin'...only a few days before Christmas :S  Sometimes inspiration hits late in the game!
I like how they turned out and hope they do too!


Friday, January 20, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Saying Goodbye and A Pretty Little Apron.

Last Friday was a finish, a finish of a life.  My last remaining grandparent, my grandma Ardes passed away last week and her funeral was last Friday.  It was a beautiful, yet hard day. 
 Losing a loved one can be so surreal, like they are just gone for a bit.  I catch myself nearly asking mom how Grandma was today and then I remember...she's gone.  She was a fun lady, a people person!  I've always said she could find a way that we are related to over half of the county :)
 It was lovely having family all together, but it was hard knowing that it came from a great loss.

 Is it weird to have a sewing post in the same place?  I don't know.  Life continues, that is the uncanny way it goes.
 I made an apron!  My parents gave me this apron kit for Christmas!
 When mom and I went on the mystery bus trip this cute apron was on display at one of the shops.  I asked one of the ladies if they had a kit for it and she said they were out, but could make one and send it out to me.  She was busy with other people and so I just blended back in with the crowd, not wanting to commit to the purchase without knowing the price.
 Unbeknownst to me, my mom went and asked the same thing!  She however followed through and actually bought the kit :)  So, great minds think alike!
 It is reversible but I don't think I'll be using the more plain side.  I just love the other fabric!
 The pockets could be a bit bigger and more to the front.  If I ever make the pattern again I will try to alter that for my body type.
See, such CUTE fabric!!

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Happy New Years...This Year!

Happy New Year!  I'm excited to see what God will do in and through me in 2017!  Here I am Lord, do with me as you will.  Let's make this year the best one yet!


Friday, December 30, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...Pretty Bird, Pillow.

 Now that the gift giving has happen I can share a finish!
This one was a gift to my cousin...continuing our saga of gift giving jokes.  I went with our previous bird theme and made him a pretty parakeet pillow.
Isn't the back lovely?
 I found a paper pieced pattern for a bird and then did some altering to make it look like our pet now gone, Fred the parakeet.  I didn't want Derek to forget what he looked like ;)  Hehe!
I think my favorite part is the way he "looks" at you.  I probably should have made it bigger and had a bigger form, but now he curves around a bit.  So if you place him on the couch next to you...he can look at you :D
 I gave it to Derek on Christmas, which we spent at my aunt's new home.  It was so neat to get and see her new house :) So happy for her!
Don't these folks look like trouble?  Unfortunately, my cousin wasn't feeling well and had to leave as soon as gifts were opened.
 I hung out with this little dude quite a while.  He's so fun!
 When I went to England last fall I bought some of their gift crackers as Christmas goodies...only I forgot to give them last year.  I remembered this year and they even came with paper crowns.
 Beards were given.
 Hats with light clips were given.
 And games for the little guy...

 Derek is such a good sport!  I gave him a real gift last year...just for the record.
 He really liked the fabric on the back of the pillow which gives me inspiration for next year :)

 There was a bit of a mishap with the salad :S
 I gave this gift...and got to help put it together.
What, might you ask did my cousin give me?  Well, I opened a box of cans.  He gave 10 cans of canned food...all without labels!!
I may have to share the gamble that is opening each can!


Friday, December 16, 2016

Finish It Up Friday...What the Doors Became.

So I replaced some of the old farmhouse doors in my house with french doors.
That left perfectly wonderful doors sitting around.  So I got creative and searched for some good projects using old doors. 
First up, I made a coffee table.  It is a big table, but looks great with my uber long couch :)
I didn't paint it at all, just left it as is.  I would like to get a push plate to cover where the door knob is for looks.
My dad is a trooper and did all the cuts in the actual doors.  I did the boards for the bottom.  I bought some sofa feet too, to get it up off the floor.
For the first two projects I set up the saw and such in the was a bit messy.  For the final one I was able to keep it all on the back porch/laundry room.
My second project required 2 doors, a bookshelf.
One door for the back and one cut in half for the sides!  I just used random pieces of press board/wood for the shelves.
It was okay, but I decided it might need some paint.  Brenna helped me out and we just did a quick paint.  Not very carefully, which kind of gives it a distressed look.
There is some sag in my shelves, which everyone points out.  When I get a chance, I'll cut new ones with real wood, but the work for now.

I did both of those right after I moved in, so I could put stuff away.
The final project is a corner shelf out of one door.  I had to go buy more 1 x 2 boards and just kept putting it off.  But last week, I did it!  I used dad's miter box kit and started sawing out those angles.
It went pretty smoothly!  I didn't quite manage to get a true 90 degree angle, but it'll do!
Hurray! I am finding that I kind of enjoy cutting things up with a circular saw ;)
Feels good to have them done!