Friday, September 22, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...USA Map!

I remember saving the link to this pattern several years ago.  I don't do much applique but it just looks so fun!
 Well, a friend messaged me several weeks ago asking if I could make her little boy another quilt.  The map was her idea and sounded great!
 I first found a cool world map tutorial but thought that for a one year old...maybe the country they are from might be a better option.
Choosing each of the 50 fabrics from my scraps was harder than I thought it would be.  Once I had them all found and the states cut out I still had to do some rearranging for states that just seemed to disappear.  Texas is actually brown minkie!  Washington is corduroy and Oregon is satin!
I only accidentally left off California once...oh and Louisiana too!  Oops! 
I embroidered a little heart in the part of our lovely state that he is from.  Then I just did some starburst lines out from the heart for the quilting!
The back was too boring with just one fabric so I made a 3rd patchwork strip to go down the back.  It came out at about 42 x 48 ish ;)  Hurray for another fun finish!!
I also finished up my 3rd card table play house for a lady at work!
I picked up a set of heavy canvas like curtains at Goodwill last time I went.  There was just the right amount of fabric to make this little house.
Embellishments like applique are not my strongest ability.  I have tried hard to make all 3 of her houses cute with some adornments!  Rick Rack doesn't get used much by me either so I pulled all that I had out and used it!
Hmm, well yesterday was a finish for the season of summer.
I picked these today...hehe, hello fall!
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Friday, September 15, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Compass Star!

A friend asked me to make a quilt to be raffled off for the organization which she works for.  It works to help those affected by domestic abuse.  I let her pick the pattern and the color scheme.  She chose Compass Star.  I found the pattern by Roxanne Carter and got to work!
 I haven't really done a lot with solids before.  I don't leave town often so I order most of my fabric online.  It was a pleasant surprise to only have to reorder one fabric because the shade was just wrong for the gradation effect.
 The star/compass/New York Beauty-esque sections were all paper-pieced.  I don't actually mind paper-piecing and so I just made a bit of an assembly line and made them all at the same time.
 The diamonds with the gradient fabrics were made by sewing the strips together and then cutting them at an angle.  I was worried about stretching the bias edges, but things came together nicely.  Most of my points actually matched up too!!
 She is a big one, she is coming in at 88 x 88!
 It was and still is stunning to step back and take it all in!  I must say it looks harder than it actually ended up being.  I was weird and bought totally normal, one color only for the backing. Hehe, that is so not my normal thing!
On to the quilting!!!
 It is just so normal to me that I often forget to even mention it, but this entire quilt, quilting and all was made on my treadle sewing machine.  I purchased this one almost 10 years ago and just love the simplicity of it and how fun it is to use.
I didn't get too fancy with the quilting.  Simply stuck with a lot of echo quilting for the most part.

Looks like I don't have a good picture of the entire thing flat.  There is a thin purple border and then a wider border in the teal print.  I machine-bound it with the grey.
 Hurray for big, successful finishes!


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Let's Be Social...So Much Life!

Well, hello my bloggy friends!
Aren't these sunflowers or noxious weeds however you look at, wonderful?!

 I took a drive to the northwest part of the state and loved seeing all the yellow.
My friends there loaded me down with yummy produce!
 It was way too much for just me to eat so I tried my hand at salsa. I had a recipe but just decided to throw in all that I had. It turned out pretty hot, but yummy!
 Someone mentioned the other day that I haven't gotten after pictures posted of my house and it is true. Perhaps soon, now that after is practically done!!
I needed to create a drain spot to help water go away from the house. I decided to cut out a spot of the railroad tie to do so.  I however was too impatient to wait for my dad and his chainsaw. The handsaw helped some but it was mostly my screwdriver and hammer that got it done!

My little sister came and hung out with me over Labor day. She wanted to learn how to cut her own hair so we both got a cut since I am a teach by showing kind of person!

Hey look, something quilty!!
A friend requested a map quilt for her little guy. So good to be back at my machine more. I had fun picking out all the fabrics for each state!

I tried to pick some fun textures too!

I only accidentally left off California once and Louisiana too, oops!

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Sunday, June 11, 2017

A summer time presence :-)

Hello there! Well, it certainly has a been a bit since I last posted. I have been busy and I've had much going on in my heart. I always think if I just wait till the perfect moment it'll come out better. We'll see :-) I finished up the quilting on my little sister's lady quilt!
 She did all of the piecing for this quilt. She did decide that it was okay for me to go ahead and do the quilting. I chose to do an all-over clamshell pattern starting at the diagonal corner. I really like how it turned out.
 It was fun to use this crazy French backing fabric. No idea where I got it :-)

 I spent an entire Saturday earlier this month just quilting. It was such a nice treat :-) I also spent at that time listening to my Bible app on my phone. It was very refreshing and I listened from Mark all the way through part of Romans :-)
I wanted to use up some of the scraps from past projects that I've kept. This one are the checkers and rails left over from my very first quilt :-) only took me about 15 years to get it finished. It's just a small wall hanging or tabletop quilt but I really like it.

 Summer is upon us here in central Nebraska. I'm enjoying the sunshine and warm weather as I do all the seasons I love to see it change. Totally in love with the look of this wheat field behind my parents house too :-)

Friday, April 07, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...Snapshot Quilt Along!

Yay, yay, yay!  A finish that is not for someone else or a deadline!
I finished this top over a year ago, I have had it layered and basted for quite some time as well.
 It was a fun quilt, with some very fun blocks.  I posted part of it HERE.
The entire process for this one has been, just because, no recipient in mind either.
I only did quilting around each of the "snapshots" and then on the individual blocks.  I was going to try some in the sashing...but decided it was time to be done.  The binding is actually a gray and pink floral.  I had a huge roll of binding already made and while it isn't my first choice it used up some excess that I have laying around!
 I like the unique backing, where they had you make another block to stick in there :)
Hurray for finishes, on to the next one!!