Monday, July 18, 2016

And The Work Goes On!

It seems like forever ago that I was working away at completing my kitchen floors.  People continue to ask how the house is going.  I have also discovered most people think I'm already living there.  Not yet.
 My crazy fun drawer liners!
 New bright blue roof!
 The tin on the left is the way it came, shiny, shiny.  The tin on the left I "aged" with toilet bowl cleaner.  Crazy science experiment right there!
 Dad and I had a lot of "fun" with this wall.  The studs are in there...somewhere...we think.
 We've put in a lot of hard work ;)
 The special rust primer looks as bad as the rust did.

 Hurray! The sink is in, the hot water is functioning!!!
 The latest project has been getting these doors in.  I bought them over a year ago when I thought I might be buying a different building.  They are so cool!! I have five in the house!!
 A couple of wonderful things have slowed down the house project.  First, I spent part of a week at primary camp again this year. SOOOOOO awesome!  God is so good and these kids were so wonderful!  We had lots of fun!
 I was a dorm leader/counselor alongside some fabulous women!
 Not only did we do fun things and enjoy different activities, but we got to share Christ with these kids.  What a privilege!  Praying for the impact it will have on their lives!
 After camp it was home for a week of evening VBS!  I taught the Bible lesson each night to the different classes and was blown away by them.  They were attentive and excited to find out what happened next and to learn their verses.  So amazing to hear little ones hiding God's word in their hearts :D!!
Summer is flying by!  Hope yours is blessed!


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Enjoying The Season and the Doing

I bought a house almost a month ago.  I took a leap into the "grown up" world and bought a house.  I surprised even myself at times dealing with all of the different people involved and making all those stinking phone calls.  I am so excited for this chapter, this season.
It isn't a move in ready sale either, well it could have been sort of, but... I don't have to be out of my parent's abode by a certain date and it really does need some TLC.  I have been pulling up carpet and funky linoleum stuff, painting, spray painting, etc...
The kitchen floor needed the most love and attention.  It required the most assistance as well.  Pulled up the carpet to find simple plywood covered in glue.
I have had awesome help from my family!  Many have offered to help as well, I'm just never sure what kind of help I'll need and when.  Their turn may come ;)
This is a wall in the downstairs bedroom, soon to be my sewing room.  The brown was nice but a little too dark for sewing.
It feels so good to have the walls lightened, next is the floor in that space.  It was starting to really get to me last week that I hadn't finished one space completely.  Everything takes longer than I imagine it will and requires more than I think and I began to get a bit discouraged.
I just let myself dwell on the negative and chose to try and handle it in my own strength.  I just wanted to be DONE!  Then there is the kitchen...  I got the cupboards spray painted.
Here is a before and after of the kitchen walls.  I love the cheeriness of this yellow!

Brenna helped with the removal of the ucky carpet.  Oh, those floors.
My parents deserve the credit on the floor.  Mom found a couple of youtube videos on using plywood cut into 8 inch planks and then laid as you would hardwood flooring.  She made Dad watch and rewatch those and then we had a plan.  I was a bit freaked out by that too.  I was just nervous about the whole process and struggled to trust.
I wanted control...
Silly me.  Here it is with baseboards down.
Getting the boards went pretty smooth, the guys at Builders even cut the planks for us.
And then it was Saturday and time for Dad and I to spend some "quality" time together putting it in.  Eek!  But, God is so good and faithful.  I constantly have been reminding myself to just breathe and trust those that God has given me.  He is bigger than a silly home rehab project and He has big plans for me in this house.  I just need to let go of the controls :)
I was concerned about taking out the sink went fine.
Haha, do I look frazzled?!  This has been my attire for the last couple of weeks, every evening after work!
I worked on the accent wall upstairs one evening just to relax and do something other than think about that floor and the upcoming installation.  Needs another coat, but I like!
Here goes the first board!!!
Dad is awesome and we had a good time together.
I'm so glad that I gave it to the Lord and took an opportunity that I don't often get, alone time working with my dad.
It was a hot one and a lot of crawling, gluing, sawing and nailing, but we did it.  We both agreed it was a good thing we were doing a rectangle room and didn't have to cut around any obstacles :)  And we didn't even try to shoot each other with the nail gun!
This is my "Oh my goodness, we did it!" face!
I made him take this one, because I LOVE how it looks so far!
Next, whitewash and polyurethane!!
I'll leave you with some of the lovely flowers my mom planted for me!
God is so good, I look forward to more adventures with His leading!

Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Closing of a Runza Chapter.

I have been working at the same job for 7 years now.  It has had its ups and downs, but for the most part I've loved it.  When I started I was mortified to be working in the fast food industry.  I'd always said that is one job I would never do... Needless to say, I cried every night the first week of work.  So silly, but sometimes that is what pride does.  
God knew what I needed and I am so thankful!
I have worked with so many different people, they come and go more quickly in the restaurant world.  I can honestly say that I would have no reason to meet or know most of those people if it hadn't been for this job.  What a blessing it has been to get to know great customers and employees.  Even the not so fun ones have taught me things ;)  
Maybe I'm just a sentimental fool, but it is hard to move on to the next job chapter in my life.  Not that I'm not looking forward to the new job and new people, but I will miss the ones I've grown accustomed to in this one.
I've worked more night shifts over the last several months.  That means lots of time with the younger employees.  It has been so much fun getting to know them and see their personalities shine.  So many young people have worked here and gone since I started.  I pray that I have had some positive influence in their lives.  I want them to know Christ and seek his plan for their lives.  Each year as we shipped some off for college, a new job, etc was hard.  I realize that the ones there now are leaving soon too, but oh how I will miss them.  
Not gonna lie, I am one who wants male affirmation.  As a single woman, these silly teenage boys are so fun, encouraging and they make me feel loved.  They are a bunch of goobers too!
I have also worked with so many outstanding adults, my bosses included.  I can't even express in words how hard it is to say goodbye to some of them.  They have been my friends and will continue to be such.  I am so thankful that God has placed them in my path.  So many customers that I will miss too, who I honestly have no real relationship with, but it makes me sad knowing I'll probably not see them again really.
Anywho, when I got to work yesterday they had a gathering for me.  I was expecting something maybe tonight since it is my last shift, but no.  I don't like being the center of attention and I'm obviously a bit emotional, so it was hard.  Hard because I have so many words to say what they all mean to me, but blubbering at the beginning of my shift didn't sound like a good idea :)  There was cake, hugs and these beautiful flowers.

Not sure how to say thank you the best, but written/typed words are easier for me to express.  Hehe, I'm so silly.  I am only moving to a job a few blocks away and I have more than one way to get in touch with all these people.  Here is to new adventures!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

It's Coming Together and Homeschool Prom!

My double wedding ring quilt is getting closer!
I've been sewing these "melons" together now.  Not as often as I'd like as life has been busy lately.
I had only finished a few before I had to try putting together an entire circle.  It is so fun!  I may have squealed with glee over this one!
I went back to the melons and then started putting together the first row.  Unlike the quilt along instructions, I peeled off the paper on the back before sewing them to the white parts.  It made the easing of the seams much easier.
I couldn't find a real good place to lay out my first row, but the deep freezer is going to have to suffice.  Sew pretty! ;)

Friday was our area homeschool prom.
Don't my siblings look spiffy?!
They are growing up too fast.  I did Brenna's hair, she wanted it big!  It was actually a little bigger when we practiced...lots of teasing.  There may actually be a sock in this bump :)  Quinn is sporting a Tintin flip, but it is a little hard to see with the hat on.
Last minute I decided that I would join in the dressing up fun and tried out some 40s style barrel rolls in my hair.  FUN STUFF!

Beautiful girls!  They all seemed to have such a fun time and it was great to watch.  I even danced a few.