Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Pear Finish!

Happy Saturday!
I have had several finishes lately that couldn't be shared right away. Finally one I can let out of the bag!!
You can read here and see my first Pear Wallhanging!
I purchased it from Connecting Threads on a whim. Well, they recently brought it back with different fabrics. 
Such happy little pears!
My little sister's good friend graduated this past spring. She had commented on really liking my pear wallhanging once so I decided it would make a good graduation gift! I like it too, so I bought the fabrics for a second wallhanging!
Hehe, I made one pear go the wrong direction, just for fun!
I  really like both of them and they go perfect in my kitchen where the first one hangs.
Yay! So cute and fresh!
Anyway, after finishing I let my sister pick which one she thought her friend would like best! She still thought the original one was more her type.
So, now I have a new pear wallhanging!!
Instead of using the leftover strips for the binding, this time I put them in the backing.
Here it is in its temporary home!
Her party was this last weekend, I hope she likes it!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

The Heavens Declare

As I stepped outside away from my desk and watched these magnificent, powerful, awe-inspiring clouds literally fly across the sky with all their in darkness and foreboding all I could think was...oh you of little faith! How can I doubt God's power and ability to move in me. He who created all of this!
Then as I walked home from work I noticed bugs in the air...lots of bugs! There were thousands of dragonflies flying through the sky! I could hardly tear my eyes away, there were some many!
I enjoyed them all evening long in my front yard, darting and circling and zipping about.


Friday, September 07, 2018

Finished It Up Friday...Backpack It Up

I am always rotating my bags / purses around. I have been walking to work almost every day lately and having a crossbody bag has been a little cumbersome. I decided to make a new one in a backpack style so that the weight would be more evenly distributed as I walked!
 As I was scrolling through Facebook a while back there was a simple backpack pattern that popped up. It was just a kid size so I went ahead and enlarged it by a few inches to be more adult-sized.
 It really is a very simple pattern. This fabric is a little crazy with all that pink and red for me but I thought it would work great. I used some strapping someone gave me as the backpack straps.
 Hehehe, you'll notice that one side looks a little taller than the other. That's because I started putting the sides in one from the top and the other from the bottom. I decided it really didn't matter since the flap covers it.

 It's a perfect bag for the things I need to carry with me each and every day. I finally ordered some Buckle clasps to hold it shut.
 Living alone it's very difficult to take a picture of the backpack on your back! You'll just have to take my word for it a little bit, but it's wonderful! My little sister says it looks like the perfect size her art supplies so you guessed, it on to another backpack!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Helen's Triangles Christmas Quilt

Happy Friday!!
Went have gorgeous fall-ish weather this week and it has been good for the soul!
I love, love the changing of seasons :)
I am still finishing using up fabric and blocks I received over 5 years ago from the stash of a lady named Helen. I made this , and this, and I finished two quilt tops for the family but I never blogged about them.
In her stash were lots of squares of Christmas fabric folded in half diagonal. There were also a few pot holders made from said folded fabrics. She was apparently making them for lots of people. I took those squares and made half square triangle blocks from them.
Here is the result!:
I had to add a few borders to make it a good throw size. For the backing I used a piece of fabric I have been holding onto for who knows what, but its a bit of a brushed cotton, very soft!

Yay for a finish!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Back In The Saddle, Card Trick Quilt!

Hello, blogging world! Anyone still out there! It would appear that my summer was overly busy or I didn't finish any projects but neither are a good reason for never posting!
I have actually saved pictures of projects as draft posts and they are adding up, maybe I should start sharing!!
We'll start with is card trick block quilt! A friend bought these blocks at a family reunion auction I believe! She had purchased sashing, backing and the  batting hoping to finish the top herself.  It just didn't work out so she's asked me to help!

I auditioned the blocks with both fabrics she had purchased,  it was hard to decide between the solid blue and the printer but I ended up going with the ! It seemed to create a little more interest.

It was so fun to enjoy the vintage fabrics in each block as I worked! Sorry many different colors and patterns. 

I have worked with other old blocks before and had trouble because they were not longer very square, but these were in good condition.

I started out doing a bit of a complex quilting pattern but it wasn't working out so I unpickef it (I despise redoing things...) and tried something simpler. It was a good choice as this was a higher loft batting.
I added a second border to kind of pulling the printer fabric together with the blue.
Such a neat, bright quilt!!

She chose a simple cream fabric for the backing, keeping it simple. 

It came out in the queen size.
I enjoyed putting this together!
I have several more projects to share. My garden and yard have been keeping me a little busier I guess. Feels good to have the house projects done so I can focus on a different area!
Happy Wednesday!!