Friday, February 16, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Camper's Flannel Quilt Take Two!

I cleaned and even rearranged my little sewing room a few weeks ago.  It is so nice to sit down to work and not look at the bags and stacks of stuff left sit.  Everything is in its place...for now ;)
While clearing out the underneath of my sewing table I found these blocks.  They are left over from my nephew's last quilt.  You can read about it here and here!
When I made his row quilt I thought I was making enough blocks for two identical quilts.  Turns out I needed more and so these were left over.  I decided to add some sashing and make it into a throw/child size quilt!
 Amazingly enough, I had some gray flannel to put between the blocks.  I had lots, even enough for the backing!

 Somewhere in between the basting and actual quilting I finished a few small projects.  I finished my second sock!!  These are the first socks I've ever knitted!  I used Amanda's pattern and it went quite well.  The second one of course was a bit simpler and faster.  Next time I will be patient and make them taller.  I wanted some wool socks to help with winter time sweaty feet.  I know, I could just go buy some but it is more fun for me to try my hand at making things.  So I ordered some nice yarn from Knitpicks and got crackin'!
 I also added this Valentine project to the list.  We found a bag with pieces of heart shaped fabrics in pairs...all ready to become pillows.  I took them home, added some of grandma's lace and ricrac and just like that we had prizes for a work game.
 Back to the flannel quilt...
Here is my row of pieced work in the backing.  Yes, the picture is upside down.  I'm tired and just going to leave it that way, because I can.
 I stitched in the ditch quilted the sashings.  Then I did a simple diagonal line quilting in both directions.  Thought about doing something more complex but sometimes simple is better.
 When it came time to bind I realized I didn't have any more of my flannels to use as binding.  I still have scraps of the colors but they are just bits.  Maybe I will make a fun pillow to go with the quilt but not enough for the binding.  I was able to find a sturdier, dark maybe flannel in my stash for the binding.  Hurray!
 The sun came out today and although it is cold it makes for much better lighting when taking pictures.  Hurray for a finish!

 This one may end up as a raffle quilt for a local group's fundraising.  It terrifies me to think of people looking at it closely and seeing all its faults.  We will see!

Friday, February 09, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Open Heart Quilt!

Just a few weeks ago a friend asked me if I would make a graduation quilt for their foreign exchange student.  I was excited for a new project and I love making quilts.
This is the pattern she had found and requested.  The plan is for the neutral background fabric to be an area for friends to sign the quilt.
As an exchange student to the USA, she requested the color scheme to be red, white and blue!
I found some great colors on Connecting Threads and got them ordered.
They arrived right before a large snowstorm.  I don't have a washer and dryer in my little house yet but I was oh, so impatient to get started on this project!
I am still of the old school mindset that washes all the fabric before using it in a project.  I'm glad I decided to because even as I sloshed/washed these fabrics in my sink...the water did take on a hue of color!
Due to the storm I couldn't run out to my parent's and wash my fabric, so I hand washed them and then stoked the fire and let them dry in my living room.
Getting the 110 inch backing fabric wrung out was a bit of a struggle but I managed!  Hehe, I did finish drying most of them by ironing them out.
It was a pretty simple pattern to follow.  I got to cutting and let the hearts begin!
Sooo, I miscounted on my number of reds and blues.  I ended up with 8 blocks more than the pattern called for.  I went ahead and added another column of 6 blocks making it a 6x6 set of blocks rather than a 5x6.
Can I say how much easier it is to baste my quilts now that I have clamps!? I love it!  Even though my table is only 4 ft by 4 ft, it works so slick. I just clamp each layer down, baste with pins, shift it to another section and do the same!
I toyed with a couple different quilting motifs, even tried an allover chevron but it was causing me some headache since the hearts aren't square.  I finally landed on loopty loops in rows across the hearts.  I didn't want anything to busy or tight since they will be signing the background fabric.  It think it turned out nice and with my darning foot on my treadle, the free motion just went so much faster than the other options!
Hurray!  Like I said, this was for a graduation present...  We had some snow days where I was in all day,'s done!
I bought 110 in width backing fabric so I WOULDN'T have to piece the backing.  Haha, I cut the piece of that fabric to use for heart blocks from the wrong edge.  That made it too narrow in both directions!! So, since I had to piece anyway I incorporated the last two leftover blocks into the backing.  Who says things need to go according to plan? ;)
My friend was a bit surprised to hear that I had finished the quilt so early.  I took it to show her how it turned out and she decided to go ahead and gift it now.  This way she can have people signing it right up to graduation!  I hope she enjoys her quilt! It was a lot of fun to make!

Friday, February 02, 2018

Finish It Up Friday...Pink Triangle Shag Rug!

I made this scrappy rug back in 2016 for a childhood friend who does fabulous photography! Check our her work: or on Facebook.
She was able to put it to use for this precious baby photo shoot!  After she posted it another friend of mine saw it and requested a pink, cream and gray rug for her coming granddaughter!  Thanks so much for the shoutout Katrina!
It was already a week or so into January and she wanted it by February I got crackin'!

 You can see how I made the first one HERE.

 It is fun to see these last photos in a row and watch it grow.

 I'm not a big pink fan, but I did end up having plenty of pinks for this rug.  Not having to go buy fabric sped up the process.
 I want one for myself now! So fun!

 I struggled to get the center right once again.  I sewed it into a swirl thinking it looked a bit like a rose.  The gal who ended up receiving it wanted something more.  She found a cute little flower patch and added it to the center!  It turned out even cuter!  Good idea for the future.

 See, one of these rugs looks good at the bottom of the stairs...and at the top!

 Hurray for a 2018 finish and on time!!

Friday, December 08, 2017

Finish It Up Friday...A Throw For A House!

I have been using this finish for a few weeks now.
When I purchased my house last year I also purchased this quilt kit from Connecting Threads thinking it would fit right in as a throw quilt.
I finished the top several months back, may be even last year.
It is indeed fun to make projects for yourself:)  I did free motion quilting in each of the stripe/chevrons.  I did back and forth loopy things but tried to NOT make them symmetrical and even.
After I did the prints I only did an echo line along the seams in the gray.  As you can see it did a bit of shifting and just looked weird!
And so I picked it up again and did the same loopy free motion design in the gray "rows" as well.  Much better!
There was a sale I think or I just splurged, can't remember, but I picked out one of the fabric line prints to use for a backing.  So pretty!
And now it is used daily on my fabulous couch!  Hurray for a finish!
I snuggle down in it as I sit and watch the fire!