Sunday, January 20, 2008

Project 366- January 18, 2008

What a lovely drive to Omaha I had today. Clara Hajda and I came to meet some young Christian ladies for a weekend of fun. We went thrift store shopping today and then "snuck" 13 girls onto Offutt Airforce Base. We weren't actually breaking any law by getting on, but it sure felt like it. I'm glad I was able to come with Clara.

Sometimes I miss Omaha. I am glad that I missed out on church trouble here. One time dealing with that is enough for any person. I'm so happy to be finding joy in the Lord again and in His Word. Reflecting on the last year I see a lot of differences. The last 6 months were times of trying to push away from the Lord and they were trying months. It feels oh so freeing to be back in His embrace, not trying to get free.

P.S. Clara is making pizza dough in this picture. I just did the dishes:)


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  1. Okay, that is 110% hysterical. We need to do a photo swap!