Sunday, January 27, 2008

Project 366- January 25, 2008

Today was quite a busy day at Backbone of Healthcare. We close at 6pm and I left at 7:15pm, sheesh! Hehe, I got to hold a patient's hand today. Now there is a first, someone afraid of Dr. Hackel. And no it wasn't some young man taking advantage of an opportunity;)

As soon as I was done there it was off to the Hajda's for Amelia's 21st birthday party! We had a fabulous time together with food, games, and fellowship. Clara had Amelia's friends send a picture and a note and she used them to create an adorable scrapbook as Amelia's gift. It was thoroughly enjoyed. Happy Birthday Amelia. It was a grand party!


P.S. Travis, sorry I am a few days late. Blanca(the milk cow) had a calf late Thursday night, a little black heifer.

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