Sunday, February 24, 2008

Project 366- February 24, 2008

Mom curled Brenna's hair for cute! I stayed in town alone last night. It was nice to have that me time.

Today after church I spent the day outside. We had another wonderful warm day. I think I'll be sore tomorrow for all the work I did. My back is already reminding me it needs adjusted. I helped dad scoop cow dung into the tractor loader. I brushed down two of the young steeds. I moved panels with mom and dad to accomodate a better location for the cow. I brought in a few loads of wood. Word is the weather is supposed to turn cold in the next few days.

It felt good to be out and to work alongside dad. I really admire my dad and all that he does. He is such a hard worker. I bonded with the other horses on the east end too a bit. Not Peanut though, she was being a bully>:(

Here is to a new week, filled with opportunity!


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