Sunday, February 10, 2008

Project 366- February 10, 2008

God is good and He blessed my day. It was however a day of a lot, if that makes sense. It is sort of pouring when it comes to spiritual warfare and trials in my family and I's life.

Uncle Dan had to have surgery today due to a detached retina. Unfortunately it is his eye that was good, the other having had issues due to miningitis before. I pray that the doctor's would do the best possible for him and that he'd heal quickly. Also that he and his family would lean on the Lord.

There is always so much to pray for, it can be overwhelming at times. He hears our groanings when we cannot even utter our requests.

This afternoon Mom and I took the kids to the new VeggieTales movie. It was really cute and they loved it. Fun, relaxing and didn't require a whole lot of thought.


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  1. So glad to see we made the list!!!! Okay not really "we" but our side. Anyway, I'm thankful for your concern and so grateful to be in a family that may be loud and odd and full of opinions but also caring and thoughtful when others are hurting.