Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Project 366- February 18, 2008

CLEANING! The living room is done. I'm hosting Bunco on Thursday night so I am officially in charge of cleaning the premises. Well, I vacuumed and that will have to be done again. Mom chose to ask me if I had AFTER she cleaned out her purse on the floor. Oh dear:P

Bunco I guess was the theme for the day. I went in and bought prizes and food stuffs for the said gala event and loved it. I haven't done much hosting in my young life, but this part I'm enjoying.

We received another bundle of fur and legs again this evening, another longhorn folks! This one is so cute! Since it was cold and the mom was being less than cooperative we brought the wee one inside and fed it with a bottle. I so don't envy dad for milking a not so tame longhorn for colostrum!:S The kids have named her Sugar, "because there is brown sugar and there is white sugar." Sorry that you can't exactly see that with the black and white photo, just take my word for it;)



  1. And we all know how you make brown sugar!

    I am SUPER excited about Bunco! I am very glad your cleaning is going well and your prize buying is going well!

  2. I'm ready to be done cleaning now today:S Wish Joan were coming:(