Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Project 366- February 19, 2008

Busy day. I started out the day with 8 youngsters for 2+ hours. A special MOPS meeting and not much advance notice to get another sitter. Besides, I was free for the day:) They were lots of fun. This is a little girl bridge, can't you tell. She made it her self;)

I took advantage of the sunshine and brought in more wood. It is supposed to get bitingly cold again tomorrow. I checked on Sugar and her momma, took care of the chickens (I broke an egg in my sweater and I know it was their fault, evil birds!;)), and then spent some time with the young, green horses on the west lot;) The horses are so funny. I just walked out and stood in the middle of the pen and they all ventured over to check me out. I sat in the feed bunk for awhile too and got friendly enough with 2 that they let me give them a pretty good neck rub. I'll have to visit often.

Yumminess was enjoying chicken noodle soup for supper.


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  1. She reminds me of kids I had in 5-Day clubs. :)