Sunday, February 24, 2008

Project 366- February 23, 2008

A beautiful Saturday, beautiful I tell you!! The kids and I slept in today, they loved staying away from home with me. Once we were all presentable, atleast slightly, we headed out for breakfast. YUM! A bit of a change to have donuts and McDonalds for breakfast. Brenna was so thrilled to get a breakfast burrito, she always asks for one if we grab lunch there. It was still a bit chilly out after we finished so we sat down and watched Heidi, the Shirley Temple version. Getting back to my house/dog sitting duties;) we took Scooter with us on a walk to the park. It was an uneventful trip, in a good way. The kids had fun and didn't want to go back. I don't think it helped that they knew we were headed home after we put Scooter away:)

I love my family, what a blessing.


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