Thursday, February 07, 2008

Project 366- February 7, 2008

I checked my email this morning before heading off to work. My heart was pulled low, I should have waited. It kind of made for a dreary day, but one filled with prayer.

You see, someone I love and respect very much is dying...cancer. It has gone down hill so much faster than I expected. God is being glorified in all of his actions, but it still hurts so much.

It is amazing to me how I am affected by others. It makes me sad when others are sad. Another friend sent an email sharing about a low time in the last few weeks. It just broke my heart. I want to be there, to help, to comfort and to encourage my friends.

I am thankful that I can take it to the Lord in prayer and trust that He is watching over them, my brothers in the Lord.

This is a young girl from my church. She was waiting for a ride and looking on the verge of shows how I felt today. Yes I know that emotions do not rule life. My hope is in the Lord. Praise Him for another day to live for His glory!


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