Saturday, February 09, 2008

Project 366- February 8, 2008

Today was a beautiful looking day. The sky was bright blue and dotted with puffy white clouds. It was a hard day though. I'm sad and yet praising the Lord. My friend, John Reier, went to be with the Lord this morning. How hard the loss and yet how great his reward...heaven.

John was one of our youth leaders when I was in high school. I loved having John around. He was like a grandpa/uncle to me. He wasn't quite old enough to be my grandpa;) He taught me so much and was willing to set me straight. He corrected me in love, and taught me in love. One time that sticks in my mind was a night at youth group when I was just miserable. It had been a terrible day and I was telling him about it. Sometimes you just want someone to listen to your bellyaching and agree. John knew better and he said this, "Alissa, Jesus is still Lord of all." That has really stuck with me. Life may suck up the whazoo, everything could be against me, I could be alone forever...but truly I would not and truly I have a reason to rejoice every minute because "Jesus is still Lord of all."

Hehe, when I was a senior and working at Grocery Kart I cut my thumb bad with a box cutter. We were short handed at GK so I had to call someone to take me to the ER for stitches. My parents still had dial-up and so the phone line was busy(before cell phones;)), so I called the first person I thought of, John and Peg. They came and took me to the hospital, sat with me while we waited for an okay from my parents, and then supported me as I got stitches(I'm not a fan!). They even drove my car home for me that night.

So yes, today as I remember John, the way he's touched my life and the way he's touched so many is bittersweet. I miss him.

Remember today that Jesus is still Lord of all. Trust in him as the substitute for your sins and you'll be forgiven. He took it all. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved." Acts 16:31


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