Sunday, March 02, 2008

Project 366- February 28, 2008

Worked in the morning. Good day, lots to do:) We were pretty busy too for a Thursday. After I got home we toodled around a bit and then headed back to town. Brenna had to sell a few ads for the Custer County Fair Book and we needed groceries.

She was so scared to go in and ask people for ads, but she did SUCH a good job:) She was so proud when she came out after her first sale! While she and mom were inside, Quinn and I got to watch a guy in a wheelchair lift his wheelchair into the back of his pickup with a mechanical arm that sat in the back of the pickup. It was nifty, neato:)

Arriving home the kids found the poor body of a rabbit in the yard. They were very quick to point out that said rabbit was without a head and promptly began searching for it in the yard. Haha, it was so funny!


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