Sunday, March 02, 2008

Project 366- February 29, 2008

Happy LEAP day!!

Haha, today when I got home from lunch there was much mayhem going on in the shed. There was a mouse in the bottom of a feed barrel. Mom, Quinn and I were watching it bounce off the sides trying to get out of the barrel. Quinn and I would jump and scream everytime it did so, causing much laughter. I called Brenna out to come see, thinking that she would jump and scream too, but alas she did not. "Aww, how cute," were here exact words, not startled at all!! Hehe, mom decided to stick a leadrope down in so that the mouse could climb out. Haha. It did come out, FAST, and directly towards where Quinn was standing. I'll never forget the look of terror on his face when it came soaring out of the barrel at him. Hahaha, I nearly wet myself with laughter:)

Oh, what a day. Later when I was finishing up at work, Dr. Hackel smelled gas in the backroom. Soooo...I had to quickly throw some notes together for Connie and leave without finishing. I am so pooped, it is off to bed without much more than supper:)


For your enjoyment:)

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  1. I enjoyed the videos very much! The sound didn't come through, but I can imagine. Love you guys.