Saturday, March 22, 2008

Project 366- March 22, 2008

love making food, new food, for events and such. Today I took the kids to town for McDonalds and some grocery shopping. Mom met with a lady about where she stands with the Lord so this was our out of the house activity:) The meeting went GREAT by the way:)! Once home with the groceries I made desserts for tomorrow's Easter dinner. It was great! Now I'm excited to actually get to eat them!!



  1. When I went to town, the kids all said they saw you guys at Mickey D's. Hehe! I didn't see you, but I guess this proves it.

  2. Yes, yes that we were:) I saw your suburban at the Dapper Dog when we ran into Pamida. I liked your dress today. Missed getting to chat with you:(