Sunday, March 23, 2008

Project 366- March 23, 2008


Thank you Lord for allowing your Son to die for my sins. Thank you for loving me that much. Thank you for never giving up on my sorry sinning self. Thank you.

Easter has always been more of a time of making new resolutions than New Years for me. As a Christian it always brings me back to my knees to repeatedly hear of Christ's sacrifice for me.

I took one of Brenna's dress up dresses last night and revamped it for an "Easter" dress. I love it! I even used an article of fairy-ness to complete the creation. She was thrilled! I am so blessed to have a little sister. I pray that God will show me how to be the best big sister I can be to her.

We went to the Smith's for Easter! It has been so long since we got together with them all. So many changes. Racheal is getting rounder;), Natalie has a boyfriend from her semester down in Mexico, all the little ones are so big and played so much. I did feel a bit like a lonely duckling at times. Most of my interactive time, which I enjoyed, was with the older generations. I love my family. I pray that each one of them would go beyond the superficial Christianity and live for the Lord. Advice right there to myself. Be patient, God's not done with me yet!



  1. Does that word love include even your Uncle Dan who teases you mercilessly? He can't help it really. The motto at my house was always, "We only tease those whom we love."

  2. Yes, that love includes Uncle Dan:) It only upsets me when I'm upset about other things in my life, when I'm a bit "touchy." I'm glad to have him for an uncle:) Missed you guys Sunday!