Sunday, March 30, 2008

Project 366- March 30, 2008

Lingering tiredness from a day of driving is still here. I got to hold baby Anne today!! I LOVE babies.

It was so cold and damp today. Of course that calls atleast one of our animals to give birth:) We had goats today! One was gone when we found them, the other is so little and cute. She wasn't too into trying to eat so hopefully she will be okay.

I finished my final Emily book tonight. I sympathized so much with Emily. Hehe. Oh, oh I almost forgot to share the funny from church today!! So Pastor Bob was using an illustration about sheep. Now the sheep came to a fork in the road. So he asks, "What do you think the sheep would do? He asked more than once before one bold hand popped up, Brenna's:) Her answer.... "They would step on it." Haha, she didn't even miss a beat and went right back to her coloring. Poor Pastor Bob, he giggled several times afterwards as did everyone else.


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