Sunday, April 13, 2008

Project 366- April 12, 2008

Saturday, what a crazy day!

I started out my day with some chores, bottle fed the calf, took care of the goats and then showered for work. It felt so weird going to work on a Saturday, haven't done that in awhile. Mom and the kids went to Lexington for a MOPS steering team event. Dad had to work too, so it was super quiet when I came home for lunch. A short lunch it was, had to feed the calf and baby goat again.

Working at the Garden Center was pretty fun, I was busy the whole time and not with customers asking tough questions. I got to do all sorts of things:)

Woohoo, so the most exciting part of my day was when dad called while I was at work. Today was the auction of the Berwyn school and...we bought it!!! CRAZY!!! Such potential!!

I went to the Berean Ladies Salad Buffet with a headache. My boss at the Garden Center bought us all tickets and so I went. It was really good, but I'm sure I would have enjoyed it more without the headache.


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