Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Project 366- April 15, 2008

Trenches, working in the trenches. The snow is melting all over our back yard and it is making a bit of a mess. Both of the corrals on the west side look more like lakes and the water isn't exactly clean;) Dad made some trenches last night to try and drain some water out. I spent a lot of time today keeping the trenches cleared out and even making a few new ones. Brenna helped some and mom "supervised" some too.

I had to stop and go into our bi-monthly meeting at Backbone. I even got lunch out of the deal. It was a beautiful spring day + a heap o'wind. I spend as much time outside as I could. We let the goats out together and found a spot out in the sun for the calf. All in all it was a highly successful day.


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