Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project 366- April 22, 2008

Our last and final MOPS meeting until fall. We had a good time and I had a lot of kids. Today was kindergarten round-up so I had a few kindergarteners, making the number 14. It went well despite that and we made it through still smiling:)

It was the Moppette worker's luncheon afterwards so we stayed and ate yummies. I love MOPS ladies, Kathy and Kate are great! We didn't get home from that, a visit to the new Pamida, and a stop at GK until 4pm.

The kids and I washed my car, it was Quinn's idea. The weather was really good for it too. Brenna and I rode our horses. Flicka is a bit out of practice, she was flat out being a battle-axe. I just wanted a nice relaxing horse was far from that! Before riding I wrestled for 20 minutes with my windshield wiper blade and I just needed to get that stress OUT!

Brenna and Quinn are HILARIOUS!! I came upstairs and walked down the hallway to see them coming down the hall as you see them above. I screamed, it totally startled me! Quinn was sitting there singing, "Shockalockalocka, shockalockalocka..." Such goofs:)

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