Sunday, April 27, 2008

Project 366- April 27, 2008

I love our church, our body of believers. It is amazing to see that we can be the church, be a family without our own building, without tons of programs. I wonder about the churches in America. You look at a large majority of them and the people in them are no different than the world. Sadly, divorce isn't hardly any lower in the church than in the world. I'm glad to know that our body is daring to be a bit different, and seeking after God together.

When we got home we stopped at our school (hehe) and looked around the outside. I can hardly wait for the closing date to get here!! I love my family, what a blessing I have received in them. Thank you guys, I LOVE YOU!

We weeded out dead plants in the flower garden this afternoon. It was a nice day with a chilly breeze. I am a bit excited to use some of my new found plant knowledge in our gardening this year.



  1. Derek is very concerned that he is going to have to help clean asbestos out of the school. (I'm not sure why he's being so vocal about it; as if he's really helped with any large family project!) Anyway, to satiate my husband, he has formally declared that he is NOT cleaning asbestos out of the school!

  2. I tagged you! See my blog ... :)