Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Project 366- April 3, 2008

I spent last night at Cindie's apartment. It is sooo cute, I love the way she decorates! We pulled out of bed at a fairly good time and started our journey to sunny LA. We had a layover in Denver and made it to LA at about 1pm pacific time with no glitches. Praise the LORD!

It was sooo super good to see my Shilo. I have missed her so much. We lived together for 2 years and then to go to this has been hard. I enjoyed having my best friend right next door! Hehe, it is still unreal to think of her having that big old baby bump:)

After eating, we headed out into the "lovely" traffic to hit the Sunset strip. We parked and changed at a Denny's before walking a few blocks to Tribune Studios. Shilo got us tickets to the live taping of "Your Momma Don't Dance." It is a Lifetime show, sort of a spin off of Dancing With The Stars. It was interesting at times, but really didn't improve my opinions on the tv, movie, media industry. We had followed the dress code pretty strictly and that actually placed us in the front row. Too bad we had no way of watching it the next night to see if we made it on air. The dance style of the evening was hiphop, gangsta stuff. Only two of the teams made that type of dancing really good for me.

Our evening didn't end there though. We headed back to Denny's and actually ate a wonderful breakfast meal there. Mine was wonderful at that point, but I had different opinions later. I barely made it to Matt and Shilo's apartment before having it all come back up:( Sad day. Atleast it isn't the flu, I was fine after that was over. It was a bit of an excruciating hour trip though.


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