Saturday, May 03, 2008

Project 366- April 29, 2008

Today was a cleaning day. Seth and his girlfriend, Julia are coming to work on Seth's car this weekend. Hehe, we made cheese!!

Using one gallon of milk you can make a pound of mozzarella cheese and it is EASY!! We made it today and it was so much fun, so easy and it turned out SO GOOD! I recommend everyone should try it sometime:) Mom kept laughing at me because I was so giddy about it, but I couldn't help myself.

First you mix a bit of citric acid with water, add a gallon of milk, add a bit of renet and stir while it heats to 88 degrees. Let it sit 8 minutes and presto you have this big custard thing. Then you get to cut it up with a long knife while it jiggles about. This was by far my favorite part. Then you scoop out the curd, getting as much whey off as possible. Lastly you microwave it and play with it until it is good and stretchy. TADA MOZZARELLA!


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