Monday, May 12, 2008

Project 366- May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day! Happy Birthday Momma! What a big day! Dad had today off. I love it when he gets Sunday's off. Going to church without him feels incomplete. Anywho...we didn't get mom breakfast in bed as she is usually the first one up, but we had a FABULOUS breakfast. It went above and beyond a bowl of cold cereal;)

I love my mom and I have a terribly impossible time trying to imagine a better one. I see other people's moms who are great and super, but not a perfect fit for me. God knew our hearts, our dispositions, our strengths, and our weaknesses before we were born and he KNEW that Sheree Slagle would be the absolute best mother for me.

My mom has taught me so much and continues to do so every day. I'm so blessed to be able to continue by her side learning, even as a young woman of 24 years. She comforts me when I'm low, she admonishes me when I am wrong, she lets me follow my heart and what the Lord is telling me even when it goes against the flow. My mom provides for me with spiritual wisdom and with physical things. I count her as my best friend on this earth. She is amazing and I love looking at her life, into her heart and seeing Jesus Christ pouring out and overflowing to those around her. I am blessed. I love you mom! Thank you!

Tonight I went to Expelled: No Intelligence Required here in Broken Bow. Only three theaters in the state are showing it and I wish more were. It was such a neat documentary, enlightening the world of the restrictions of freedom that we claim. I really like it, and yet it made me very sad. I wanted to cry out for the scientists and others in the film who literally said that they have no hope. I pray that the Holy Spirit would move in their hearts.

Oh, oh, I almost forgot!! We checked out the attic at the school today!! There wasn't anything in them. I say them because it turns out the west end was an addition to the original school building. I do have a picture to prove it;) I took the kids and we swept a bit and I ripped up carpet in one classroom. There is beautiful wood floors underneath. EEEK! We brought 2 of the multiple desks home for the kids. Mom got stuck in this one, it caught on her head when she tried to set it down. Hehe.


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