Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Project 366- May 13, 2008

I got to sleep in...aww. I slowly made my way about today, in no hurry at all. I had a time in the Word and then it was off to town for a Backbone meeting. The meeting was nothing new and afterwards I finished up a few jobs I wanted done before my trip. I'm heading to PA on Friday and so I'll be missing two days of work which is almost two weeks of happenings there. So excited for me trip!!

When I got home it was time for a fishing trip. Quinn and Brenna spent part of the morning gathering worms in the garden and had all the gear ready to go before I even left for the meeting. Once home, Mom and the kids and I piled ourselves in the van and headed for Ansley. We had so much fun! I've never been a fan of fishing, other than part of the time when I was little and I won prizes for it. Anywho, it was a good time. Quinn caught his very first fish. Brenna caught her very first last summer and so now they're even;) I actually caught one, tsk, tsk, but it was with Brenna's pole. I gave her the credit.

Quinn and I almost caused a young bird to come to an untimely drowning. As we were walking to the restrooms we nearly stepped on this larger, yet very young bird. It was sitting in the grass and it hopped and chirped a bit. On our return Quinn wanted to see it again. This time however, we scared it enough to send it into flight...right over the water. About half way out it lost its wing power and landed on the water. Then as it tried to take flight it only succeeded in flopping around. I was so worried it wouldn't make it, but it was a fighter. The poor thing flopped and flapped itself back to the bank and when I checked on it I believe it was just trying to slow its heartrate down. Poor thing.

Tomorrow is mowing day. I'm going to go mow at the school too:)



  1. I saw you guys! I was in Ansley, taking tests for my Moody classes and on my way home I spotted some Slagles. I honked, but I don't think you guys heard me. :-)

  2. Clara,
    Your comments remind me of a game I know called "Hey cow!" Every played it? You drive by a herd of cows and yell as loudly as you can "hey cow" and count how many turn around. Think it works with Slagles?
    Kayla Alissa's cousin