Saturday, May 24, 2008

Project 366- May 14, 2008

It was a Mommy-less day. She went with Grandma to Lincoln for an appointment. Grandma doesn't like to drive very far alone. That left me home with the kids and IN CHARGE;) Hehe, such power!

We did our school for the day. It is so neat for me to be able to help with that and actually do it myself today. I plan on homeschooling my own children someday and I love having some ideas for how I can do it myself. Brenna and Quinn are so smart...they do so well.

I spent atleast 3 hours mowing today. First I did our yard. I think I burnt my hair part:S Ouch. After I finished we walked down to the park, Brenna rode her bike. We played hide and seek and set up obstacle courses, they wore me OUT!

As soon as we got back to the house I had the kids pack up a little bag of things to do and we walked down to the school so I could mow there. It was nice. After mowing I had to get supper in the oven.

I had never cooked a whole fryer chicken before and it was a learning experience. Hehe, I've decided that soon-to-be parents should have to do that before having a baby. Cleaning off a slippery, jiggly whole chicken is sort of like bathing a new baby;) Haha.


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