Saturday, May 24, 2008

Project 366- May 16, 2008

I made it to Pennsylvania!!!! I slept on both of my flights, not as much on the one to Chicago. I got on in Omaha and the man next to me started chatting with me. He was from south of London, England and I had no problem staying up awhile to listen to him talk;) It was nice to tell someone of the beauties of Nebraska too!

Poor Aubrey had some trouble getting to the airport, crazy directions, so I waited and read Jane Eyre. I haven't read it in a really long time! She got me, amidst the rain that appears to have followed me here, ARG! It was so good to be able to talk with her again. It took us about 1.5 hours to get to Lancaster which was a very pretty drive. We met up with Joy at Texas Roadhouse for supper.

Once we got back to Joy's place we decided to go stay at Aubrey's aunt's house. Her relatives our out of town for two weeks and she is housesitting their very LARGE house for them. It was super nice. I fell asleep during the movie that we watched, can you believe it?!


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