Monday, May 26, 2008

Project 366- May 19, 2008

Travis had to work today of course, so it was just Michelle, Ansel and I. We lounged around a bit in the morning and then we headed out for lunch. We ate at Duff's for some Buffalo-style wings. Boy were they good! It was an interesting little place, different environment. Hehe, the "hostess" looked alot like Bridget Correll. Anywho!

After we ate, we went to Target to return some items and just to browse. Trav and Michelle are moving into a house June 1st so we spent quite a bit of time going through the curtains for ideas and such. It was nice and relaxed and I had nothing to fret or worry about!

We went out to Moog and picked Travis up, he rode his bike into work. We stayed in East Aurora for supper at Tantalus. It is a nice place that they both really like. We had a wonderful time. On the way home Travis drove us through downtown Buffalo and all over. We stopped at the water (Lake Erie) and saw all the rich people's boats. It was a nice drive.

Last, we stopped in at the Family Video store and rented "August Rush". It was pretty good. I don't know what time it was when I went to bed...too late!


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