Saturday, May 03, 2008

Project 366- May 2, 2008

Friday! Friday's seem to be the crazy weather days as of late. Once again the day consisted of nice sunshine, then rain with wind, and last SNOW! It is May 2nd and we're having snow. So strange. I wasn't nearly as surprised when it happened in April.

I worked the front office at Backbone today. Marci stayed home with Gracie, Gracie is sicky. It was a good day with lots to be done. By the time I left the wind was roaring, the rain was pelting and I just wanted to curl up with a fire and good book.

Seth and Julia didn't arrive until about 9pm and therefore we didn't eat supper until 9:30! I was so famished. All I had for lunch was an orange and a salad. Hehe, I had to eat that salad with a letter opener:S I forgot my fork for my lunch and that is all I could find.

My award winning photo was in the Nebraska Rural Electric magazine today!!! I'm so pumped!! I won their photo contest, the photo to be featured on their 2008 directory. The prize was a check for $100! Yahoo!


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  1. When we got our Rural Electric Nebraskan, I looked all through it, hoping to see your photo. I just must have totally missed it, because it wasn't until you mentioned it here that I was actually able to find it in the magazine! But find it I did. It it awesome! Big congrats to you. :-D