Monday, May 26, 2008

Project 366- May 20, 2008

Michelle and I spent the day with Ansel. We played with him, bathed him, fed him and let him nap:) He is so much fun, I can hardly wait for them to come out to Nebraska next month!!!

Again, we picked Travis up from work at Moog. This time we headed out to Lechworth State Park with a picnic lunch. It is about an hour out there from Moog. Trav let me use his camera to get some shots off. Hehe, I love his camera and Clara's camera...I'm not coveting, but I will get one of my own someday:D

Lechworth is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! It is a huge park along a river. We ate our lunch near the "inn" which overlooks the massive waterfall. I got to use the restroom in the "inn" and I decided I wanted to kick everyone out and move in...GORGEOUS and OLD!! It was loverly. After eating, we roamed down around the waterfall. My camera batteries died:( Travis's did too, but he was able to trick his camera into working for him. We got back in the car then and just drove all over, exploring the ins and outs of Lechworth. I think we saw atleast 30 deer and 5 woodchucks in that time. It was fun! There was even a little old cemetary. Travis was so kind as to let me get out and roam it too! Such beauties we saw in God's creation there in Lechworth.

When we got home Travis and Michelle gave me my birthday present. It is a cd of some of their friend's band. I really like it! Hurray for time spent with family.


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  1. woohoo! I'm so glad that you were able to come out and visit, we had so much fun hanging out. See you soon!