Monday, May 26, 2008

Project 366- May 21, 2008

Travis couldn't get off work early enough to take me to the airport this afternoon. Instead he didn't go into work until 10am. He made us yummy pancakes for breakfast. Haha, then he realized there was no syrup:) Our pancakes were still yummy with raspberries and powdered sugar!

Michelle and I dropped him off at work and I got LOTS of hugs. I have the BEST big brother!! Then we headed off for the Botanical Gardens. It was such a cool place! The building was all glass and a old style. It isn't a really big place, but was really nice on a school day. The plants were wonderful, and I actually recognized some as ones we have at the Garden Center!! Mind you, we only have one orchid at the Garden Center and they had atleast 30:) There was a koi pond (Ansel's favorite), banana trees, fountains, a cactus room, and much much more.

We decided to eat at Tim Horton's afterwards and we both enjoyed a bowl of soup. It was pretty chilly out and soup was perfect. Done eating, we had only an hour before I needed to be at the airport. Michelle decided to drive me down some of the really HUGE estate roads. Unfortunately, we first got lost for a bit. Michelle did well and found us out again:) There are some amazing homes there in even their neighborhood. Crazy.

My time in the east was fun and came to an end all too fast. I always have enjoyed coming home though and today was no exception. My layover in Chicago was 3 hours long and it tried my patience a bit. Thank goodness for Jane Eyre, I had something to do. My flights both went well and I touched down in Omaha at 10:30pm. This was a time I wished a little that I still lived there. As it is, I got home at 3am and I work tomorrow:S


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