Monday, May 26, 2008

Project 366- May 22, 2008

Soooo, I made it home safely at 3 am this morning/last night. I had to be up and at work by 9am so I didn't get to relish a full night's sleep. I made it though. Work was a bit of a blurrrrr and I laughed at ridiculous stuff alot. Connie laughed when she heard of my traveling time. It was a bit of a blunderful day:S I accidentally sold a hanging basket that was for a funeral:S Connie didn't have it marked so I assumed (not supposed to do that) it was fair game. We had to call the woman and have her return it, I'm so glad she was okay with doing so.

Once I finally got home I was on the list to decorate Quinn's birthday cake for tomorrow. Mom was supposed to bake it, but....the garden cart arrived and its assembly slightly sidetracked her efforts. Making a cake after so little sleep should be outlawed, either that or our kitchen was possessed;)

I mixed the batter all up, correctly even, and had it in the nicely greased and floured Ninja Turtle cake when a blunder occurred:S The last thing I remember was pushing it into the oven and the next thing I remember was looking down upon the batter oozing into the oven, across the oven door, and all over the floor. I missed the HOW it happened. Normally I probably would have gotten a little angry...I just laughed however. I laughed as mom cleaned the oven door, I laughed as I scooped and wiped it off the linoleum and I nearly wet myself as I opened the oven drawer exposing batter filling the entire thing! It was a crazy cleaning job! I had to bring in a towel, put the drawer and it's contents on the towel and run to the bathtub. I managed to get there without dripping all over the floor, my clothing however was a different story. (I laughed some more when I looked in the mirror:))

This was my blunderful day!


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  1. I am glad you were able to laugh. I probably would have cried, since I don't do well on little to no sleep.

    I miss you already!!!