Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Project 366- May 25, 2008

What a brilliant Sunday! It was so warm and sunshiny outside when I woke up. I got myself all ready and then proceeded to fix devilled eggs for potluck. I wore my brown and white dress from Shilo's wedding. I felt so cute, no matter what the truth was, I felt, therefore I was:)

Amelia's school choir did the service for us and they were wonderful. I loved the handbell choir, such lovely chords flowed about the room. They even made Zaccheus sound lovely and lilting:) It was also nice to see young people at church. I met several of the girls and they were so sweet. It was nice to see Jenny again too, she cracks me up. We carrot-bottoms must stick together;) Hurray for friends. I'm so excited that I'll have not only Clara, but also Amelia here for the summer. Lovely!

At home, mom, dad, and I enjoyed quite a lengthy afternoon nap. It felt so nice. Then we headed to the garden for some good, dirty fun. We planted our tomato plants, zinnias, and corn. It was just such a glorious day to be out in God's creation! I even got an evening walk into my day. Praise the Lord, for he has done great things!

Hehe, my dad's such a cutie:)


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