Saturday, May 31, 2008

Project 366- May 29, 2008

I really didn't want to go to work today. I just didn't. Of course, as always happens it was a great day! I'm glad that I was there.

The day started out foggy and wet but worked its way up to pretty darn warm and muggy. It was so great to see sunshine for a change. It really doesn't feel like nearly June yet, the weather has been so cool and wet.

Right before I left work we got busy putting roses under cover. There was a threat of a big storm to come and the clouds were quick to assure you about that one. I was carrying one rose and went to put it on the cart I was filling. I bumped the cart, containing two rose bushes already, which in turn began to tip. Eek! I dropped the one and saved the cart...oops. They weren't very forgiving either, I have several scratches on my arm from that rescue. The one I dropped survived with a small loss of dirt.

I got home just in time to make crab and broccoli alfredo, YUMMY! We weren't sure if the kids would get to go to VBS tonight with the weather, but... It cleared off, the storm missed us and went through Kearney instead. They had tornadoes and all, ouch!

Dad and I hung out at home. Good night.


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