Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Project 366- June 1, 2008

This Sunday we didn't go to our church. Since the kids went to VBS at First Christian we went there for their final event. It is always sooo different going to a different church, so many things we get used to and when they aren't there... It was good too though. Afterwards, they had a picnic out at a couple's home with lots to do. The kids rode horses, took a ride on the hay wagon, played with bunnies, broke the trampoline, swung, etc...

Hehe, did you know that Uncle Dan has a beard now:)? It is white! I think it is cute, as cute as one's uncle gets:) Anywho, it was a nice afternoon. Probably the best part of going to another church in a small town is that you still know everyone.

When we got home I got out a scraper and headed to the school. I wanted to find out how easily the carpet glue would come up. Since I was there alone, I took the opportunity to REALLY check everything out. My exploration was cut short as I entered the kitchen...

THE SINK WAS GONE!!! I couldn't believe my was GONE!! I called mom and they headed down. Then we realized that the weird gutter on the front of the school was also missing, along with huge scratches on the pretty floor where the sink got drug across.

The police came and took notes, pictures and asked some of the neighbors if they saw anything recently. It is a good thing I had my scraper and a task at hand because I think I vented it all out right there. How sad:( Mom was really excited about that sink!


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  1. Stinking sink thieves anyway!!! Happy Birthday! I thought of you when I wrote my first check today and had to write the date.