Saturday, June 14, 2008

Project 366- June 12, 2008

My Thursday at the Garden Center was well spent. It was just Jackie and I a lot of the time. Ray had some projects to work on a few blocks away and he took advantage of the opportunity to do them. Such a lovely day too, the air was cool and the sunshine so warm and inviting!

I took my lunch at Tomahawk park and enjoyed having uninterrupted time to read my Bible and work on my Bible study. My goal this week is to do the Bible study each day rather than forgetting and cramming all 5 days into Tuesday. Praise the Lord that I've been able to keep it up this far!

I wanted to get home right away this afternoon to help mom finish fixing the goodies for tonight's Bunco PARTY, but didn't get off quite as usual. Connie had to help Ray and then had errands to run, so I was about an hour later. It worked out just fine though, although I did shower and prepare myself for company in about 10 minutes or less:S

Let me just say that the Bunco gals are just so much fun, so jovial and a blast to be with each time. Tonight was the night of Buncos, there were so many screams going up through the house that I'm sure "Berwyn" was concerned a bit:) I myself got TWO Buncos and ended the evening with the most wins. It is quite a turnaround from last month when I had so many losses. We laughed and laughed so much tonight, grea times.


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