Sunday, June 15, 2008

Project 366- June 14, 2008

This morning was our monthly ladies event for church. This month it was hosted by the fabulous Mrs. Lisa Hajda:) There weren't quite as many ladies as there could have been but a lovely group all the same. We shared a yummy breakfast, thanks Amelia!

The activity was to take the Love Languages survey, mine are Physical Touch and Quality Time. Those are the ways that I perceive love from those around me. I will admit that a few of the questions were directed more at spousal relationships, but I answered the best I could. I really don't want any of my friends to kiss my unexpectedly, but I think I'd like my husband to:D

We also did our mug/prayer swap and I got Amelia's mug!! I also get Priscilla's I think. She is in Europe right now with her family. How blessed! I will enjoy praying for these two wonderful ladies and I'll say I'm very excited to use Amelia's spiffy mug. I'm glad she trusts me with it:)

After we finished we headed to town to do a few errands. They always end up taking so much longer than I expect:S Back at home I mowed the lawn. Gracious me, it was hot, the kind of hot that makes your skin feel like it is burning right off! I also got our strawberry plants into the garden. I bought the last 11 plants from the Garden Center:)

Tonight Quinn was having a blast with this fan box. First he was using it as a sled and asking to be pushed down the hallway. After that he wanted it tied on his back to be a rocket ship and then it turned into his snake skin that he needed to shed:) So funny, such a vivid imagination.


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