Sunday, June 15, 2008

Project 366- June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!! This morning was a waffle and scrambled egg morning. I know Dad likes it when we make something for breakfast. I love my Dad! I owe so much to him, he's taught me a lot. He is a horse man to the heart and I love watching him with them. He's going to get to have his first grandchild out on a horse in a few weeks! That will be a cause for many photos. Thanks Dad!

After church...I fell asleep. I wasn't really meaning too, I just laid on my bed and the next thing I knew I was waking up! After that I took my tool bag and went and scraped at the schoolhouse for a few hours. Mom called me up when it was time to go and look at this year's colts.

We have three colts this year. One boy, one girl and one was brand new and we didn't get to see. Dad keeps the brood mares out at a friend's pasture with his stud so we had to drive out to see them. We trucked through the tall, GREEN grass and jumped the creek twice. My shoes almost got lost in some sticky mud. Brenna and Quinn were all decked out with their cowboy hats on. It was a priceless trip. I almost started crying on the way home. We were all getting along, new life is amazing and the hills in their green glory were beautiful. I love the country! I love Nebraska!


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  1. I love Nebraska too!! That is where I will be all summer!! Two hoots for NE!!!