Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project 366- June 18, 2008

How would you describe the perfect day? Would it be one that is simply wonderful when you wake up and the goodness just never stops coming until your head hits the pillow? Or would it be one that starts out looking destined for failure and then greatness peeps its head over the horizon? Okay so no day is perfect, but this one was pretty good and it was the second of the two scenarios.

Wednesday morning is Bible study for mom, Quinn and I. For Brenna and dad it is horse practice. We all have somewhere to be and so there cannot be dawdling. I was down in my room pulling on some article of clothing when I heard this shrieking! I ran up the stairs to see if mom was missing any appendages, I knew it was her scream and there was no blood anywhere. She informed me that after drinking some of her freshly juiced carrot, she spilled it everywhere. A slight let down, but understandable since messes are so much fun to clean up. Haha.

Our meeting place this morning has no toys, so as we're walking out the door I'm frantically grabbing toys to entertain the children of the loverly Bible study ladies. Stress in the morning is hard for me to get over, it gets me all ruffled. Upon getting in the car I discovered a voicemail from the oldest of the babysitters saying she'd be unable to come this morning. We decided we'd just have to coast with the three younger ones. Hah! One almost overslept and the other two were not at their house when we went to pick them up.

Everyone must have been having "one of those" mornings because we were the first ones there. Crazy. Sometimes after an eventful build up you feel justified somehow with a climax, like being late:S I did actually go and find the one babysitter and the morning commenced.

We had to hustle home after Bible study because Quinn finally got to have his birthday party with his friend! He was uber excited. We didn't plan anything but play, eat cake, play, open gifts and play. Sometimes it is nice to offer kids an unstructured time. Our society likes to shut them in with times and plans, kids need time to just play.

Play is what they did all afternoon. There were 13 children, I think;), roaming around and having a wonderful time. The ladies got to sit back, relax and just chat. Such a relief after this morning. I was finally able to unwind. We even took the darlings down to the school. Haha, that building just brings out the volume in every child. The minute they walk in they are jumping and screaming all at a slightly louder volume than normal. The echo effect might have something to do with that;)

It ended, a lovely day. The children pulled themselves from one another and piled back into their vehicles. Until another day...


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