Thursday, June 19, 2008

Project 366- June 19, 2008

Brenna kept insisting that it was snowing yesterday. Our one cottonwood is releasing its little fuzzies and they fill the sky. It is blowing full steam again today. You can actually see them here against the dark cloud. I remember once when all the cottonwoods did it at the same time when we lived at Cooksley's. It really, really looked like snow. I kept laying in the grass hoping that there would be an outline of my body where the cotton landed.

Oops Day! My oops first started with waking up. Word of advice: Never shut off your alarm clock unless you are OUT of bed. I didn't have any extra time in getting around this morning. I did juice for breakfast instead of sitting down with a bowl of cereal. The carrot juice is pretty good.

At the Garden Center I continued my Oops Day. More than twice as I was entering items into the cash register I forgot to hit the @ button. So if someone wanted 3 plants that were each $4.99, instead of hitting 3 @ 4.99 I put in 34.99 and then kept going with the order. I got some pretty high numbered orders:S I caught them all, it helps that they were rather unbelievable totals for their purchases.

I'm so spoiled with my long lunches at Backbone. A regular 1 hour lunch seems to go by so much quicker. It was too cool to take my blanket out and read today, hopefully I can tomorrow. I enjoy the outdoors so much, a lunch in the park is nice.

I'm tired. I seeking out the Lord this week. Not that I don't usually, but I start to "coast" so easily. I pray that I would be able to delve into the Word, into my walk with the Savior and into encouraging others.


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