Sunday, June 22, 2008

Project 366- June 21, 2008

I wonder where the idea of a "weekend" came from. I do like it very much. I so much enjoy long Saturdays, entire days to do things at home are grand too. Today was one of those days and tomorrow I may not be able to walk.

I woke up fairly early for a Saturday. My first task was tackling some of the hoeing in the garden. I still haven't quite figured out why I've warmed up so much to the garden this year. Anywho...I hoed the rest of the tomatoes, two rows of potatoes and around the boxes. Intermittently I was changing loads of laundry as well. I love drying clothes on the clothesline. I know it is beginning to be a lost art, but I LOVE it! I've even come up with a handy little trick for inconspicuously hanging out our undergarments where they can't be seen from the road:) But back to the garden...

Brenna helped me out, hoeing carefully around the cantaloupe and watermelon She was a good little helper, singing all the while as she hoed. Quinn came out and supervised. We pretended that the garden was one of his fields and he paid me to take care of it for him. He looked the part with his overalls and straw hat on. I should have gotten a picture of that!

Mom was working the majority of the day so the kids and I did lunch on our own. We picked out some pretty random leftovers and ate them out on the picnic table. They crack me up with how everything must be a game of pretend. I let them take a break with a short movie while I tackled, well not literally, the lawn. I mowed and mowed. I did manage to not shorten the life of any small rodents this time. Last week a poor little field mouse met his untimely death:S

The laundry continued on through most of the day and I of course had a load out drying when it randomly decided to rain. I was inside and I heard a noise on the roof, but the sun was shining. I was confused, but on closer inspection it was true that rain was coming down. It did that three times before clearing off. Brenna and Quinn did some dancing in the rain. Oh, lovely summer showers, not so often that we get those.


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  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hangs their unmentionables out on the clothesline. And I hide mine too. (At least I think I do. I really hope my neighbors haven't been talking about the disgusting neighbor lady who keeps flaunting her intimates.)