Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project 366- June 23, 2008

All alone. It was a little strange to be back to the "old" days when I was the only person working the desk in the office. I'm glad I didn't feel I had a lot of pressing stuff to get done. That is always what drags my attention away from the patients. Hehe, the computer helped me out partly. I couldn't see any of the spreadsheets. I would click on them, they would do the normal stuff of opening up, but never came up on the screen or taskbar. It was like they were up on some other screen somewhere! Aggravating to say the least!

Marci and Connie switched days and then Marci lost her babysitter so it was just me. We had a busy afternoon, but it went smoother than I thought. Those are the kind of things I sometimes get too worried about, they nearly almost are just fine.

I had the most WONDERFUL lunch. I took my Bible, my book, my lunch and a blanket and enjoyed a picnic meant for one. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and yet there was a gently, cooling breeze. Underneath the giant cottonwood tree at Tomahawk has become one of my favorite places in town:) I had a great time with the Lord and in His word and I also got to jump into a new book. New books are always an adventure!

After work I went to babysit for a friend's 5 kiddos. Sunday's message was a little about giving of ourselves as Christians, not simply containing ourselves and just rotting. I took that to heart and this was one way of giving of myself and NOT being so self-absorbed. I had a great time! We played, played, watched a video and played a bit more. Once I got them to sleep I stretched out on the couch to read and then fall asleep. I will say that it turned into a much, much later night than I was thinking.

From about 1:15am on it was pouring cats and dogs, lightning was flashing and thunder was crashing. I slept through most of it, but off and on would wake up and just watch in amazement. They got home at 2:30am and tried to have me just stay there, but my bed is my bed. I really like my bed:) I drove home and had a fabulous time. It was my own personal light show from God! Not many other people were out driving on county roads at 2:45am. The lightning was awe inspiring and a sweet song to send me to sleep. Awww, sleep.


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