Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Project 366- June 24, 2008

Needless to say, after last night, I slept in this morning. Brenna stayed up pretty late waiting for me, so we just snuggled down in my bed and kept right on sleeping. So warm and cozy, but finally we did have to stir.

I cleaned the basement today and prepared Travis and Michelle's room. It was a lot of hard work...but someone had to do it;) Haha. Both Brenna and Quinn rearranged their rooms a bit. I may have created a rearranging monster. Quinn was ready to move things in every room the rest of the day! My room didn't get touched much, it is a bit of a mess still:S

We tried to get the "cage" over the green beans tonight. Alas, the material you cover it with wasn't wide enough! We tried out the options we could come up with, but nothing quite worked. Better luck tomorrow I guess. Quinn came up with a creation though:)

Brenna did show me her dog showmanship skills. So weird to be watching it rather than be doing it. Watching Brenna with Stella was a bit bittersweet today. You see, my dog Kea that I got when I was 10, is gone. She was old and had a definite odor and urinary problem, but she was still Kea, my puppy. I am glad that I didn't have to see her suffer any worse. She hasn't been seen since Friday and so it must be concluded that she found a quiet place to end her days. Thank you Lord for the blessing of my sweet puppy Kea, she is missed!


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  1. Thank you for preparing a room for us, it is greatly appreciated.

    That is so sad about Kea, she will be missed!