Saturday, June 28, 2008

Project 366- June 26, 2008

Tetris I will admit is not a good way to spend one's time at work. I also will admit that it did end up keeping me busy at times in the Garden Center today. It has gotten slow just all of the sudden. Most people want some sort of bug stuff or mulch. It does sound like it was slightly busier this afternoon than yesterday afternoon. Amelia said they only had 5 customers:S The worst part is being there alone, with no customers and no specific tasks. By 10:30am most of the little extra things are taken care of already. I'll have to really brainstorm for activities before next week!

Dad is always seeing mediocre paintings places and telling me how I could do better. I keep putting him off, I don't have much space for such things right now in my room. I did however start a painting several months ago. It has been shoved away in a corner since I rearranged, but tonight I pulled it out again. Mom and the kids went to dog practice and I sat in my room and painted. I like to paint, I love making artwork.

I won't say that this is better than mediocre, yes better than I few I saw with dad, but it is progress. I just need to be persistent and keep honing in on my skills:)

Wowsers, tonight we had a MASSIVE thunderstorm!! The clouds were magnificent in the darkness and the lightning too! There were winds in our area up to 70 mph they said on the radio and our little tree out front attested to it. The poor thing was nearly bent over horizontal in all the wind.


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