Saturday, June 28, 2008

Project 366- June 27, 2008

I woke up this morning. By 10am I was sure that I shouldn't have gotten out of bed! I'm nuts!

I kept Connie in stitches most of the day because of all the off the wall things I kept doing or the things I kept forgetting to do.

At lunch I met up with mom and took the kids home with me so she could grocery shop alone. I did the normal things, read the mail, checked my email, chatted with dad. I was half way back to town when I realized what I had forgotten to do. Can you guess? I forgot to eat lunch!!! I was already running late because I spent 15 minutes looking for my shoes. I took them off when I got home, but couldn't find them to put them back on again.

I kept slipping up on little things back at work and by 6pm Connie was ready to ship me back to my home planet. I was writing thank yous for one thing and I spelled a name wrong. Not just any name but MY NAME!! Wowsers. I wanted to finish something up, but finally Connie said GO HOME:)

I managed to get to the grocery store, get mom's forgottens and drive home without harming anyone. Surprising, I know. I didn't do much back at home either. I just finished a book and went to bed. I did remember to eat supper though;)

Mom showed me a book she got for one of the kids' curriculum' and I love it. Here is the last page: "When I was young in the mountains, I never wanted to go to the ocean, and I never wanted to go to the desert. I never wanted to go anywhere else in the world, for I was in the mountains. And that was always enough." This is how I feel about the prairie, about the middle-of-nowhere Nebraska. Other than my heavenly home which I long for, I am happiest here in Nebraska, "The Good Life!"


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