Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Project 366- June 3, 2008

Today was an absolutely FABULOUS day! I love long summer days spent with my family:) To start it off I baked buttermilk biscuits for breakfast. I love my biscuits, I think they were the first thing I learned how to make myself.

I talked mom into taking the kids down to the school for school. I knew they would be excited about it, sometimes they need an extra boost of encouragement when it comes to school. THEY LOVED IT!!! Mom filled a suitcase with the needed school books and such. I grabbed my "tool bag" to do some more carpet glue removal and we were on our way.

It was so incredible to be hard at work and hear the kids and mom in the other room doing their stuff. The numerous chalkboards came in very handy and they were even able to show it off to dad later in the day. How cool to see them learn and not just hope it is really happening somewhere.

After we came back for lunch I did some laundry. I was beginning to be very short on the necessities;) Hurray for clothesline weather!! It also was dry enough to do some more planting in the garden. The kids and I planted our little watermelon and canteloupe hills. Mom got the beans and cucumbers in and mom and I together put up the tomato fences. We got dirty and had a good time doing so, not to mention accomplishing something.

Neither mom or I came up with any good ideas for supper so we went into town for China Garden. I made the tie-breaking decision to go out, pulling the birthday card:) It was really yummy! We have leftovers too, yahoo!

This evening capped off a wonderful day with an all natural light show. The lightning was crazy and it reflected off and behind the clouds in such cool ways. I was able to get a few shots off that caught more than darkess. Praise the Lord for his awesome power in thunderstorms, praise the Lord for the blessings of family.


P.S. The thief also stole our big American flag from the auditorium and the old-school pencil sharpener off one classroom wall...very specific.

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