Sunday, June 08, 2008

Project 366- June 4, 2008

Bible study was at the Berean Sonlife Center this morning. The lady with the key didn't show, so we all hung out outside while mom ran to fetch it at the church. It was a nice group again, a lot of different ladies too. I enjoy so much being a part of the group and being encouraged by other believing women. So often I've been the babysitter, that I feel a bit out of place at times;) I'm loving it though.

Brenna and dad went to 4-H horse practice this morning and after Bible study Quinn went to Stetson's house so it was just mom and I. We went to Jack N Jill and picked up some vittles before meeting dad and Brenna at the park. Yummy chicken and orange fluff:)

I went with dad after lunch and Brenna went with mom. Today was the first "June Jamboree" day at the 4-H building. Brenna got to learn about using a digital camera with Mrs. fair! Dad and I ran some errands before heading back home. We went to the OTHER chiropractor for him...I waited in the car:) Hehe.

The clouds were stupendous today! I love Nebraska clouds! Tomorrow is my birthday!!!


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