Sunday, June 08, 2008

Project 366- June 5, 2008

At 12:32am in the town of Broken Bow, twenty five years ago today a child was born to Tim and Sheree Slagle...THAT WAS ME!!! Happy Birthday to self! I really enjoy birthdays and not just because I'm younger. I love knowing that I survived another year, was here to serve the Lord another year, had the privilege of enjoying my family another year and much more!!!

I did have to work in the a.m. at the Garden Center, but to my surpise and delight Amelia was there too:) I'm so glad you are home Amelia, my friend. We weren't really busy and it was just us, the Finney's and Ray. Amelia brought yummy apple muffins in for my birthday and she even sang to me while Ray held the lighter above a muffin. Haha, such a fun work environment:) Connie was gone for her dad's dr. appointment but had said I was allowed to leave at lunchtime if we weren't swamped. Yay, for nice bosses.

Amelia and I enjoyed my birthday lunch at Emily's downtown. That place is so cute and the company was so good that it brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my heart. Hehe, that is a cheesy line, but it's true! For dessert we got strawberries and Cool Whip at GK, more yumminess.
I did indeed get to leave work then, after delivering a pot to the new Runza restaurant. I ran some errands before meeting mom and the kids for the library program. Miss Tracy came and read a book and made balloon creations for the kiddos. Bravo Miss Tracy, my favorite is the turtle that you can wear on your wrist. I "coerced" mom into going into the backroom book sale with me. Clara showed up there too, while "looking" for Margaret. It is amazing the things people will do for old books. We brought 8-10 old books home, some of which originally came from the Berwyn Township Library! I also checked out A Lantern In Her Hand, hurray for Nebraska authoresses.
No party tonight. I got a package in the mail from Shilo which included Sense & Sensibility. After opening my gifts from the parents and kiddos we enjoyed the first half of it together. My gift from mom and dad was one of great puzzlement. I knew it was inside a large, light box we received one day from Cabelas. Now, I must confess that it was hard to imagine what I could be getting from Cabelas. I greatly enjoyed the surprise of its contents. I got Croc "Georgies", they are Croc muck/galosh boots and they are BLUE!!! So cute! Wonderful birthday indeed!


P.S. I'm including these pictures as well, Brenna was manning the camera. I received the robe from mom and dad as well and the bag came with the Georgies.

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