Sunday, July 06, 2008

Project 366- July 1, 2008

Summer time. Pool time. Daddy found the hole in the pool ring so we got it all filled up. Unfortunately, that means the water was super cold. Travis and Michelle took Ansel in for a dip, but it wasn't long before he decided the cold water just wasn't for him. We found a battered old kiddie pool and filled it with warmer water that he could play around in himself.

When we moved here there was this little truck that had once ran on batteries, sometime since then we have inherited a second. The kids love those trucks and are always pulling each other around in them with a rope. Travis, our mechanic;), decided to try and get one to work...they did it!!! Hehe, they used a regular car battery so it tips over forwards if you don't have enough weight in it and Quinn has to bounce around sometimes to keep it going. So funny!

Travis and Michelle ran to town for some things and took the opportunity to go alone. I got to feed Ansel and ended up putting him down for a nap. Finally there was not as much competition since Brenna and Quinn were swimming.

Tonight was a Pitch night. Michelle loves to play Pitch and so inevitably we play at least once whenever they come. It is a lot of fun and tonight we played to the symphony of nature, aka a thunderstorm.


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