Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project 366- July 10, 2008

CRAZY DAYS!!! They started in town and therefore the Garden Center was so busy that I could hardly see straight and the hours flew by as never before...well, not really. It was busier today than it has been, but there were moments of homeward desires. I got to do some funeral plant preparations and orders. I also got to hang out with Jackie, Connie and Ray. They've been gone so much that doesn't happen very often and I enjoy the "gang":) Hehe, Jackie brought in this lily and told me to smell it. I did and she and Connie erupted into laughter. As soon as I looked at Jackie's nose I knew why, it was bright orange. Mine was too, the pollen really sticks. We had to scrub quite awhile before the yellow tint came off!

I only changed my shirt before heading to Bunco this evening. I usually use Bunco as an excuse to get a little dolled up, but not tonight. I've been fighting sinus headaches for a few days and today was no exception. Bunco was still as fabulous as ever though. Carrie was our hostess with the mostess and we had fun. Kathleen and Rachel came with the Hajda's which was a treat, the more the merrier:)

I won! I received the "Last Bunco" prize and it was so cute! It is a little wooden piece that says, "Because Nice Matters." I love it, it's something I would say;) Amelia won the game Yahtzee and was quite excited about it, not quite as excited as Lisa though.


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