Saturday, July 12, 2008

Project 366- July 11, 2008

Back, Backbone, Backbone of, Backbone of Healthcare! I lost a file the other day. Lost the file from the computer, the non-backed up file. Luckily it is one which can be recreated. I got tired of "recreating" today. I thought my eyes were going to bug out of the sockets from staring at the computer screen so long and my hand was beginning to cramp up;) Haha.

Our ladies event for church was at Emily's this month. It was a bit weird. Most everyone got some ice cream and ate it while chatting with their neighbor. We went over to the park gazebo after to "chat". It just felt a bit off for me tonight.

Dad brought the kids in so we could go to the carnival. They did so well, no major fits about the number of rides and the time of departure! The kids rode the bumper cars together and it was a riot. Brenna had no idea how to drive the thing, but she had a blast trying. I rode the ferris wheel with Brenna. She was ecstatic most of the time, not scared, just nuts. I love my loverly little sister!


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