Sunday, July 13, 2008

Project 366- July 12, 2008

What a wash of memories are upon me today. We spent the entire day at the County Fairgrounds for a 4-H horse show, Brenna's first. I just sat and imagined the people who were there when I showed, roaming about and chatting and riding. No one who was there is now, but maybe one. Things change so fast and yet stay the same. The dust in my nose as the horses rode around the arena even had a somewhat pleasantly nostalgic affect.

I honestly fell prey to many a crush there at the 4-H horse barns. I was such a boy crazy girl and there were so many cute little cowboys. I can chuckle about it now and praise the Lord for never letting me actually get what I thought I wanted. Oh, the water fights we had at the horse barns during Fair week. I loved it when we were able to secure a camper to stay right there in the midst of all the action. To wake up and breath Fair week was music to my heart.

Brenna brought her palomino, Peanut, to show today. She was very nervous before her first event of poles, having never been at a show or even ever running through the poles pattern. She did fabulous the whole day, grinning like a goof ball. I'm glad to know she was having a good time though:) She even received two ribbons, 4th in Halter,6-10 yr mares and 6th in Walk-Trot Western Pleasure.

Quinn loved the horse show too, he played and got dirty the entire day. I'd look outside and see a pony trot by and there was Quinn bouncing along on the back in his grungy old felt hat. The little boys found a nice hill of dirt and dug tunnels for hours. He sure needed a bath after that activity. Seeing the boys riding all over on their little ponies inspired mom. When we got home we stuck a bridle on Mariah and let the kids ride her in the round pen. She did pretty good!

It was a grand day! We brought Margaret and Reginald in for the day too which meant some loverly time with our Hajda friends.



  1. Ahh! The sweet memories 4-H brings. (As well as a few nightmares too!) Great trip to DC, lots of running around acting crazy in the animal barns, the drama of the fashion revue, all day baking the day before entry day, and lots of boy craziness on my part too. And the nightmares-hearing my mom say "I think you need to take those stitches out", having to get up early to come into town to feed and water animals, not working enough with my animals and then having to fight them the whole time, and the late night desparation of wondering if you would get your project done in time.

  2. Oh I should have shared my funniest 4-H story ever. My very first year in 4-H and my very first time styling for the judges, I was already nervous about remembering to go in a triangle, showing the front and back of my garment, smiling, and walking slowly enough. So I was modeling my outfit, following the triangle,trying to remember everything, and I lost my shoe. It totally fell off and I had no idea of what to do. So I just kept walking. With one shoe...I finished the last part of my styling time with one shoe! Classy!

  3. Thanks for being our horse taxi! I don't know what we would do without our Slagle-friends!